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Clarke Surveyors Incorporated

(519) 258-4166 1-888-735-4166

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Clarke Surveyors Incorporated

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2535 Lesperance Road


(519) 258-4166 1-888-735-4166

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Some of our services are, Surveyor's Real Property Reports, Mortgage Surveys, Property Boundaries, Subdivisions, Condominium Plans, Cemetery Plans, Utility Corridors, Land Severances, Description Reference Plans, Leveling, Precision Subsidence Leveling and monitoring, ALTA\ASCM Surveys, Aerial Surveying & Mapping, Accident Surveys, Construction Layout Services, Topographic Surveys, Site Plans. Mine Surveys, Vertical & Horizontal Control Surveys, Land Information Systems, CADD Services, Consultation, Dispute Resolution Boma Standards

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Brownlee, Kevin