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Underground Specialties

Underground Specialties

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Underground Specialties

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5340 Walker Rd.


(519) 737-1263

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Precast Concrete, Sewers, Water, Drainage

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Back Flow Equipment, Back Flow Prevention, Blocks (Concrete), Concrete (Precast Slabs), Concrete (Precast/Prestressed), Concrete Block Manufacturers And Suppliers, Concrete Curbing (Precast), Concrete Wall Manufacturers, Concrete Pipe, Culverts, Culverts (Precast), Drainage Products, Electrical Vaults/Concrete, Erosion Control Products, Geotextiles, Manholes, Oil Grit Separators, Pipe, Pipe Fittings, Plastic, Plumbing Supplies, Pumps, Pumps, (Sales And Service), Retaining Walls, Segmental Retaining Wall Manufacturer, Trench Drains, Waterproofing Products, Valves, Pipe, Fitings

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Talbot, Wayne