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Target Building Materials Ltd.

Target Building Materials Ltd.

(519) 966-6000

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Target Building Materials Ltd.

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3245 County Road 42 (Opposite The Airport Terminal)


(519) 966-6000

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Access Doors & Panels, Acoustical Materials, Asphalt Materials (Asphalt), Caulking & Glazing Compounds, Concrete (Repair Products), Concrete (Sealer), Concrete Accessories, Concrete Reinforcing Material, Construction/Building Materials Suppliers, Epoxies, Geotextiles, Insulation (Materials), Masonry Materials & Supplies, Rebar Suppliers, Reinforcing Steel And Wire Mesh, Rigid Insulation, Sealers, Brick & Block Pavers, Skylights, Tools Hand /Power, Waterproofing Products

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Drouillard, Greg