CCDC Documents

CCA53 (2008)

Trade and Contractor Guide and Checklist..


Complete set of the above CCDC documents and guides (no CCDC 4 in electronic version) ..

CCDC02 (2020)

Stipulated Price Contract ..

CCDC03 (2016)

Cost Plus Contract ..

CCDC04 (2011)

Unit Price Contract Form (2011)..

CCDC05A (2010)

Construction Management Contract Form- For Services (between Owner and Construction Manager)(2010)..

CCDC05B (2010)

Construction Management Contract Form- For Services and Construction (between Owner and Construction..

CCDC09 (2018)

Statutory Declaration Contractor (2018)*(requires the purchase of a CCDC 9 copyright seal). Download..

CCDC11 (2019)

Contractor's Qualification Statement(2016)..

CCDC12 (1994)

Project Financial Information..

CCDC14 (2013)

Design-Build Stipulated Price Contract (2013)..

CCDC15 (2013)

Design-Builder/Consultant Contract (2013)..

CCDC17 (2010)

Stipulated Price Contract between Owner and Trade Contractor for Construction Management Projects (2..

CCDC18 (2001)

Civil Works Contract (2001)..

CCDC20 (2008)

Guide to the Use of CCDC 2-2008..

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